Janis WilliamsDo you seek a memoirist, ghostwriter, book producer, wordsmith, or editor? If so, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of writing and editing services to our clients, from Web editing to book production, from coaching people who want to write books themselves, to writing autobiographies, family histories, corporate histories, and biographies. In addition, we provide proofreading and copyediting services. In the modern era, with e-mail and cell phones providing access, people don’t have to be in the same city in order to collaborate.

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Janis Williams Writing / Editing helps people write and produce their memoirs. In your own voice, you can leave a legacy for your family, friends, and work colleagues. Your memoirs provide a valuable legacy for your loved ones. They illuminate your world, your experiences, and the values you hold dear. Future generations will benefit from knowing and remembering your life. This kind of “history from the ground up” will both enlighten and inspire coming generations.

Corporate Histories

How did your business begin? What do you want your partners and clients to know about the history of your law firm, corporation, or business? Many companies find they can trace their success through their history. By examining the decisions that were successful—as well as those that weren’t—decision-makers can plan for the future.


Biographies differ from memoirs in that they are written by a third party, using traditional methods of research and interview. We utilize letters, speeches, diaries and personal papers, and we incorporate your family pictures and memorabilia. Do you want a biography of your life or that of someone you know? Let us help you write your story.

Annual Reports

Sometimes companies and institutions require outside help in assembling their annual reports. We can provide the feature articles and personality profiles for your company’s annual report. We are also experienced at editing and proofreading official reports, so that the text is error-free and clear. Call us if you need professional help with your company’s report.

Feature Articles

We have decades of experience writing feature articles, travel articles, and personality profiles for a variety of magazines and other publications. Covering subjects as varied as theatre, opera, business, medicine, politics, and travel, we apply our natural curiosity and love of research to whatever topic we are assigned. We pride ourselves on coming in on deadline, while adhering to your assigned word count.

Web Editing

Often companies, non-profits, and educational organizations require that numerous people contribute to their Web sites. Each contributor is responsible for laying out a view of his or her aspect of the business. However, when a site contains many voices and writing styles, it can become incoherent, unclear, or difficult to follow. We are adept at providing clarity and consistency of voice to such sites without sacrificing the integrity of your vision.

"Books are humanity in print."
Barbara Tuchman